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The mitochondrion is a key player in cellular function and dysfunctional mitochondria have been implicated in a number of disorders as well as in the process of normal ageing. Our research group is interested in fundamental questions related to mitochondrial biology. How is the number and the function of mitochondria regulated? What happens in a cell with dysfunctional mitochondria? How does mitochondrial dysfunction cause human disease?

Organization and regulation of the mitochondrial genome
Mitochondria in neurodegenerative disease and ageing
Mitochondrial diseases
Mitochondrial function in cancer

Group members

Nils-Göran Larsson

Prof. Nils-Göran Larsson

Professor/Senior Consultant

Camilla Koolmeister

Dr. Camilla Koolmeister

Research Coordinator

Susanne Virding

Susanne Virding

Biomedical Scientist

Roberta Filograna

Dr. Roberta Filograna

Junior Group Leader

 Diana Rubalcava-Gracia

Dr. Diana Rubalcava-Gracia


Mara Mennuni

Dr. Mara Mennuni


Rodolfo Garcia Villegas

Dr. Rodolfo Garcia Villegas


Giovanni Rigoni

Dr. Giovanni Rigoni


Jelena Misic

Jelena Misic

PhD Student

Leila Izadi

Leila Izadi

Research Assitant

Stephen Wilkie

Dr. Stephen Wilkie


Taolin Yuan

Dr. Taolin Yuan


Pauline Michon

Dr. Pauline Michon


Jule Gerlach

Jule Gerlach

PhD Student


Recent publications

Full list of publications can be found here.

Collaborations and funding

Our research is highly integrated with clinical activities at the Center for Inherited Metabolic Diseases (CMMS) at Karolinska University Hospital. Close collaborators also include Claes Gustafsson’s group and Maria Falkenberg’s group at Gothenburg University, with whom we have yearly scientific gatherings known as MitoRetreats. In addition, we have a range of additional collaborators both nationally and internationally. Some of them are listed below.


Dr. Camilla Koolmeister
Visiting address:

Division of Molecular Metabolism
Biomedicum 9D
Solnavägen 9
17165 Solna


Work opportunities:

We offer master student, PhD and Postdoc positions to highly motivated and enthusiastic researchers. For details, please, contact us by email  .